April 12, 2012

Guest Post - Understanding Sequencing

Today I have a pro blogger as my guest! I'm supper excited she was able to contribute today! Quiana has been a huge influence in my blogging 'career'. She is my source for ideas and receiver of my questions on making this little creative outlet of mine better. Today she will be sharing with us how she balances mommyhood and growing her own business. You can read more at her blog here, and don't forget to follow along!

Where I’m Supposed to Be: Understanding Sequencing

My small group has been reading What Every Mom Needs and while we’re just in the first couple chapters, one thing has really stood out to me as a first-time mom: the concept of sequencing. I’m quite the planner and have always thought I’d be pregnant with baby #2 when my first was 14 months (she’s now 19 months), and I’ve been having what I call “nightmares” that I’m pregnant with my second child. This is quite a change from how I’d thought I’d feel at this stage, but understanding sequencing really helped me get to the bottom of why I’m feeling this way. The authors explain sequencing as certain areas of our lives as mothers being on hold while others move along, often at full speed. A HA!  This must be what I’ve been experiencing, and it’s manifesting in my dreams!
What I do know is that I love being a mom to my daughter Virginia (Nia, for short); she makes me laugh every day and seems to know when I’m having a particularly tough day and showers me with kisses and squeezes my face with her pudgy hands. That makes me smile.  I feel like where I am right now is where I’m supposed to be, but I do have aspirations for growing other parts of myself, especially as a business woman. When I was a child I loved both my baby dolls and my plastic cash register. I think this notion has carried into adulthood: I consider myself a budding entrepreneur in addition to being a mother.  Although I can’t fully focus the time I’d like on my business, I do know that I can take small steps towards growing it.
The Japanese use the word “kaizen” to describe this approach and this is what has helped guide me through motherhood and remembering those aspirations. I take pride in little victories in both raising my daughter, being a wife and an entrepreneur. I was recently able to participate in a 7-week leadership development group that helped spur me to make some progress in my business. Yes, it was a challenge to be able to make it to those sessions and arrange childcare (I did have to miss a session), but in the end it was worth it, and I believe it helped make me a better mom too.
For now I will accept that sequencing is a phase I’m going through and that the daily challenges I face with my toddler are helping me grow as well. Additionally, instead of getting frustrated when business goals are placed on the back-burner I will remind myself that it will pass, priorities will change and for now, where I am is indeed where I’m supposed to be.


  1. Just lovely. Sometimes we just need to take things in stride, and remind ourselves that we are where we need to be at the moment. Great guest post!

    1. Very true Kalley - seems like thats a lot of this whole parenting role of ours. Thanks for the comment : )

  2. I like this post! You are right, priorities often change. We know that at some point what we need to get done will. Not get frustrated and keeping a positive attitude also helps.


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